Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Lovely floral look. How to wear kimono jacket.

These flowy toppers achieve that perfect hybrid between elegance and ease, with Asian-inspired flowers and prints, fringe trim, even the solid-colored options in a standout hue.
We love wearing kimono jackets because if you’re wearing a singlet, they protect your arms from the lower temps but don’t let you overheat in the meantime. They’re also a great way of dressing up a simple outfit – particularly because they’re such an unusual shape, and you can get them in so many different prints and colours. And to top it off, if you’ve got a bit of tuckshop-mumma arms happening (also known as Bingo Wings), they cover the problem areas in a way that doesn’t require you to whip out the forbidden skivvy.
KIMONO JACKETS  photo | Cat Deeley, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Nicole Richie

Here are some recommendations by fashion bloggers how to wear this jacket:
Fresh and sexy look with LOVE floral print kimono

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Cailin Flower And Lace Print Fringed Kimono by Missguided (click HERE for more):

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Motel Kimono Jacket in Mandala Prin (click HERE for more):
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